Our history

My name is Luca Falleni and I’m the owner of Edile Fe.Mi.Li Srl, Livorno.

I have been in the construction business since 2000,  relentlessly keeping-up-to-date in order to provide the best service available.

Having passed the State exam and become a certified  surveyor, I then spent two years gaining  work experience at  one of the best architects in Livorno.  But it soon became clear that I wasn’t destined for a desk job and decided to choose another career path which has taken me to where I am today.

Having left my old desk job I took an on-site job as a   supervisor and manager  of a building site.  However,   I firmly believed  that in order to be the best at my job I should respect and learn from those who had more experience than me , regardless of their job title; so I  decided to dedicate those first years  to learning about everything and anything, including assisting the brick layers and  other workers, in order to gain as much insight and knowledge of how to best run a building site.

My endless fascination and passion for this job has led me to constantly up-dating my expertise through training and courses, courses as far ranging as installing solar panels using the latest materials to the study of interior spaces.

This mixture of academic theoretical learning and years of on-site work experience, such as being in charge of the reconstruction of some of the wings at the hospital of Volterra to name one project, and the different projects we have completed for Drass Galeazzi, have allowed me after 20 years of dedication, to confidently be able to face up to any challenge that the construction sector can offer.

Our Team

Per i nostri  lavori ci avvaliamo della collaborazione di professionisti certificati e con esperienza pluriennale.

Geom. Luca FALLENI
Geom. Luca FALLENISurveyor, owner and construction manager
Francesco SCANU
Francesco SCANUCertified ASSOPOSA Installer
Alfredo CIRILLOCertified Nord Resine Installer
Koldashi XHEVAHIRLicensed work at height operetor
Trained to work with elevated work platforms.
Dario GUIDIQuaified skilled worker. .
15 Years of experience as plumber and eletrician.
Petrù DRUTARussian Certified professional welder.


We collaborate only with the best companies and brands on the market in order to guarantee an impeccable service to our clients.